Lecture by Dr. Thorsten Pattberg: The Future Global Language and the Rise of Chinese Terminology


Lecture Topic:  The Future Global Language and the Rise of Chinese Terminology


讲座人:裴德思 博士

Speaker: Dr. Thorsten Pattberg


Location: IAHS Conference Room

讲座开始时间:2013-10-17 15:00:00

Time: Oct. 17, 2013 from 3:00-500 PM


讲座结束时间:2013-10-17 17:00:00



裴德思(Pattberg, Thorsten)、德国籍、语言学者以及作家,北京大学高等人文研究院研究人员(Research Fellow)。北京大学文学博士。专攻中西方比较文化与语言文学。北京大学、东京大学,哈佛大学的校友。曾出版过4本专著、以及论文30余篇。同时也经常在国际各大报纸上发表过文章,如中国日报、南方周末,台北日报,上海日报、今日中国,人民日报,亚洲时报、德国时报、日本时报、韩国先驱报等。主要理论专著有《The East-West dichotomy》、《Shengren》、《Inside Peking University》等。主要代表论文有《Language hegemony – It’s shengren, stupid!》、《Long into the West’s dragon business》、《China: Lost in Translation》、《The End of Translation》等。



Chinese words are underrepresented in the English language for a variety of reasons but mainly because –commencing from the 17th century – the entire Confucian tradition has been meticulously translated into convenient and familiar European vocabularies. For example, China’s single most important archetypes of wisdom, the ‘shengren,’ have been rendered as “saints,” “philosophers,” or “sages;” likewise the Confucian ‘junzi’ have been called “gentlemen,” “superior personalities,” or “noble people;” and so on. It will be argued, however, that the original terms and correct names should matter to the Chinese world, especially in today’s age of knowledge, branding and intellectual property rights, which surely extend, or should extend, into the realms of Culture. Henceforth, this talk supports the notion that more Chinese key concepts should be adopted into the future Global language.