Introduction to the Ph.D. Dissertation Subsidy Program

As one of the talent cultivation programs of WEIB, the Ph.D. dissertation subsidy is a special fund set up to subsidize both Chinese and international Ph.D. candidates in their dissertation writing. The following is a brief introduction to the program:

1. Eligibility

Both Chinese and international Ph.D. candidates are eligible to apply after the start of their second year of doctoral study and before the start of their dissertation writing, if their majors are related to world ethics and business ethics, such as philosophy, sociology, economics, management science, etc.

2. Forms of Subsidy

WEIB offers its subsidy in two alternative forms. The first is a scientific research grant of 10,000 RMB for each dissertation. The second is to reimburse research expenditure of up to 15,000 RMB for each successful applicant. The reimbursement covers transportation and data purchase for 6 months of research in a company; or transportation and accommodation for 3 months of researching at an academic institution.

3. Other Requirements

The subsidy winner is required to finish his or her Ph.D. dissertation writing within the time specified by his or her university. He or she needs to acknowledge WEIB on the copyright page of the dissertation, noting in a prominent place “This Ph.D. dissertation is sponsored by the Ph.D. Dissertation Subsidy Program of the World Ethics Institute at Peking University (WEIB).” If the dissertation is published afterwards, it also needs to acknowledge WEIB on the book’s copyright page likewise. WEIB has the right to post information about the subsidized dissertations on its website and in other reports.

4. How to Apply

Download the application form from our website and send the completed form to


This program is in the charge of Ms. Zhu Yanlan of WEIB. If you have any question, feel free to contact us at