ANGLE, Stephen*


Stephen Angle received his B.A. from Yale in East Asian Studies and his Ph.D. in philosophy from the University of Michigan. At Wesleyan, he is a member of the Philosophy Department and a participant in the East Asian Studies Program. Angle’s research interests revolve around Chinese moral and political philosophy, including issues that arise when one thinks about the process of comparing Chinese ideas and traditions with the ideas and traditions of other cultures. He focuses primarily on post-classical Chinese thought, up to and including the contemporary period. His first book was on the development of Chinese human rights discourse, its various interactions with non-Chinese discourses, and on ways in which the westerners should relate to these Chinese ideas. Angle’s second book, Sagehood, explored ways in which the Neo-Confucian philosophical tradition (roughly 10th-18th centuries C.E.) has resources that can contribute constructively to a contemporary, globally-informed philosophy of moral psychology and moral education. In 2012 he published Contemporary Confucian Political Philosophy: Toward Progressive Confucianism, which both surveys the current landscape and argues for a perspective he calls “Progressive Confucianism.” In all, Angle has authored or edited five books, and has also written articles in a variety of publications including Political Theory, the Journal of Chinese Philosophy, Human Rights Quarterly, and Zhongguo Ruxue (Chinese Confucianism).

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