Professor Tu Weiming and Professor Yan Binggang Discussing Grassroots Confucianism and the Confucian Concepts of Xin and Xing (4/26/13)


On the morning of April 26, Professor Yan Binggang, Vice Director of the Institute for Advanced Confucian Studies at Shandong University and Vice Director of Ni Shan Sheng Yuan College, delivered a lecture at Peking University. The lecture was moderated by Prof. Tu Weiming and attended by over 50 students from Peking University and other schools.


Professor Yan Binggang advocates close reading of the classics, hoping to enable people to understand and practice Confucian studies in everyday ethical lives. Prof. Yan also introduced the Shandong University’s project of popularizing Confucian studies. Meanwhile, Prof. Yan also put forward his views on the relation between Confucian studies and politics, the revival of Confucian studies, and other topics. He stated that in order to guarantee the contemporary development of Confucian studies, he holds the view of Political Confucianism and that of turning Confucianism into a national religion in suspicion. On the contrary, the specifics that is beneficial to the revival of Confucian studies, no matter from the top down or from the bottom up, is worthy of approval. He argued that the key is for everyone to think carefully how he or she can put Confucian studies into practice.