The Beingmate Case Study

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WEIB’s practical research focuses primarily on business ethics. The research programs incorporate both general investigations and specific case studies. After each case study, a report will be published, and its function is two-fold: first, it will become free resources for future researchers; second, the publication will help promote world ethics, such as integrity, environmental friendliness, benevolence, etc.

Under the direction of Prof. Tu Weiming and with the assistance of Dr. Ming Xu and Dr. Kong Xianglai, the case study of Beingmate will be conducted by the WEIB and the Beingmate group jointly. Founded in November 1992 and headquartered inHangzhou, Beingmate is a milk powder producer and other infant product and service provider. Its mission is to produce safe, high-quality mother-infant-child products via increasing investment in research and development. Our case study attempts to both investigate the quality of Beingmate’s milk powder and assess its business ethics, with the hope of helping to set the industrial standard. The case study has been planned and is expected to be carried out in May 2014.