YAO Zhongqiu


Yao Zhongqiu (pen name “Qiu Feng”) was born in Shanxi Province, graduated from the Renmin University Department of History. He is currently working as a Professor at Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics. He is also serving as a Director of Unirule Institute of Economics and Hon-dao Welfare Foundation. He was associated with Austrian School Theory of Economics, Common Law translation and research work. Recently, he engaged in Confucius moral ethics and modern analysis research work. He has published many works on Confucius and Chinese Governance, its origin and history. His main works are “Constitutionalism”, “Way of Chinese Reform”, “Virtue.Gentlemen.Custom”, “Road to the Founding of Modern China”, “Rediscover Confucius”, “Feudalism”, “Tianxia”, and “The History of Huaxia Governance Order”. Qiu Feng argues that we are living in a era of bad etiquette and social disorder as well we are entering an era of ritual renewal. In his opinion, ritual renewal would be the core agenda of next two or three generation. Only initial completion of ritual reconstruction would be able to stabilize the social order and then only we can talk about revival of Chinese Civilization.