2013 Dialogue on the Confucian Entrepreneur (10/21-10/25)

The World Ethics Institute Beijing recently held forums entitled “2013 Dialogue on the Confucian Entrepreneur—Spiritual Humanism and Business Ethics in the era Globalization” in Beijing and Shanghai. The forums lasted for five days, running from October 21 to 25.

Founded in October 2012, the World Ethics Institute Beijing aims at bringing together spiritual humanism and business ethics, and promoting world ethics. The tradition of “Confucian Entrepreneur” has a long history full of many successes and contains great potential for the future. Holding this “Dialogue on the Confucian Entrepreneur” seeks to meet the cultural needs of the current business world and encourage civilizational dialogue. It offered a platform for the academic world and business world to exchange views, with a main focus on the relationship between the spiritual humanism of Confucianism and business ethics in a globalized context. “Confucians” and “Entrepreneurs” conducted the dialogue, while “Confucian Entrepreneur” might also be recognized by the contemporary entrepreneurs as their new identifications.

Instead of Chinese traditional learning courses opened to Entrepreneurs, the “Dialogue on the Confucian Entrepreneur 2013” is committed to promoting respectful dialogue between the academic and business worlds. Scholars and businessmen are expected to interact as both teachers and learners. Relying on the fame of Peking University, the two summit forums successfully gathered many of the greatest sociologists, humanists, and corporate elites in the world. This event will surely strengthen the establishment of academy-business communication channels and provide more resources for the future promotion of Confucian Entrepreneurs.