Bernd Engler is the President of the University of Tübingen and Professor of American Studies at the University of Tübingen. His publications cover various aspects of American literature and culture, from the history of American apocalypticism in Millennial Thought in America: Historical and Intellectual Contexts, 1630-1860, ed. B. Engler, F.O. Fichte and O. Scheiding (2002) to postmodernism and recent theories of historiographic metafiction in Historiographic Metafiction in Modern American and Canadian Literature, ed. B. Engler and Kurt Müller (1994) and Re-Visioning the Past: Historical Self-Reflexivity in American Short Fiction, ed. B. Engler and O. Scheiding (1998). He is also co-editor of Metzler Lexikon amerikanischer Autoren (2000) and is currently working on a two-volume edition of seminal documents of American history and culture: Key Concepts of American Cultural History.