FAN Heping

Fan Heping, pen name Fan Hao, was born in 1959, Jiangsu Province. He graduated from Southeast University in 1982, received a Master’s Degree from Southeast University in 1988 and obtained his Ph.D. in 1998 from Southeast University. He was promoted to Professor of Ethics in 1992 and currently is the Director of the School of Humanities, the Office of Social Science, and Deputy Chairman of the Scientific Committee of Southeast University. He also acts as a Committee Member of the School of Philosophy of Committee of Social Science, Ministry of Education and Vice-Chairman of China National Association For Ethical Studies (CNAES). He also serves as Adjunct Professor and researcher at Renmin University, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS), and other universities or research institutes.

Fan Heping has published more than two hundred research papers on academic journals at home and abroad, such as Social Sciences in China. He has published altogether 19 monographs and co-authored 3 works. He has been awarded by the country, Ministry of Education, provincial government of Jiangsu several times.

Fan’s major research fields are moral philosophy, Chinese ethics and moral education. Crossed research field involves comparison on eastern and western cultures and economic ethics and managerial ethics. He issued Rationality of Modern Confucianism and Nostalgia for Confucian Orthodoxy, Social Sciences in China, No.2001.1 and Meaning-dialogue in Mutual Interpretation of Ethical-economical Concepts and its Value Dissimilation, Frontiers of Philosophy in Chins, 2008.6 Volume3. Number2.June2008.