Introduction to the World Ethics Forum

WEIB is currently organizing a “World Ethics Forum” in Beijing as part of our talent training and promotional program. We hope to host the forum every two years, either in Beijing or other suitable locations. On March 12, 2013 the Institute held a preparatory meeting to discuss the logistics of the forum. The following are the minutes from the meeting; any advice from scholars and experts is welcomed.

1. Cooperate with other institutions, such as the Department of Philosophy at PKU and the Beijing Forum.

2. The forum is preliminarily scheduled on the second weekend of April every two years. It is, however, subject to change.

3. While Peking University is our first choice for venue, we are open to suggestions about alternative locations from our partner institutions.

4.  Each forum will invite more than five professors, representing different cultural backgrounds, as well as five renowned experts, representing different academic fields, to give keynote speeches.

5.  Each forum will have subforums wherein participants discuss the themes of the subforums. The non-speaker participants will be those who have unique opinions in the various fields under discussion. The size of each subforum will be capped at 60 people.

6. The forum’s official languages are Chinese and English. We will provide English and Chinese translations and address the need for other translations separately.

7. We will, in the future, establish an organizing committee six months prior to the forum.

8. The forum organizing committee will make a budget to properly allocate the money provided by the World Ethics Institute.


We will continue our discussion on how to better develop this project. The institute’s project director Zhu Yanlan is in charge of the forum. If there is any question, please contact us at