LI Qiang


Li Qiang is Professor at the School of Government, Director for the Development Planning Department, and Director of the Center for European Studies at Peking University. Li Qiang received his bachelor’s degree in law (political science) from Peking University in 1982 and his Ph.D. in political science from University of London in 1993. His research fields include Western Political Philosophy (Especially Liberal Political Philosophy), Social and Political Theory of Weber, Yanfu and Transition of Political Thoughts in Modern China, Political Problems in Modern China.

Selected Publications:

Li Qiang, “Liberalism”, Beijing: China Social Sciences Press, 1998.

Li Qiang, “Constitutional liberalism and State Construction”, Beijing: SDX Joint Publishing Company, 2003.

Li Qiang, “Beyond Popular Democracy and Authoritarianism: Lessons of Western Republicanism for China’s Political Reform”, Daguo [Power]2, 2005.

Li Qiang, “The Principle of Utility and the Principle of Righteousness”, Utilitas, Britain: University of Edinburgh Publishing House, 1996.