LI Weisen


Li Weisen, born in 1953, Shandong Province, is Professor of Economics and Vice Preseident of School of Economics at Fudan University.

Li received a Master’s Degree in Economics in Shandong University in 1982. After that, he had been an editor for years. He received Master’s Degree in Australian National University (ANU), and was elected research assistant. In 1987, Li was funded by the United Nations to further study in Development Research Center for the State in ANU and received a Master’s Degree in 1989. He obtained ph. D in Economics in the year of 1995. He had been visiting professor to School of Economics and Political Science, Cambridge University during 2000 and 2001. Since 1980s, Li Weisen had been published several hundred research papers on famous academic journals at home and abroad, such as Social Sciences in China,Economic Researches, Open Times, Twenty-first Century (Hong Kong), Chinese Social Sciences Quarterly (Hong Kong), The New Yorker (New York), and so on.


His major research fields are institutional economics and comparative institutional analysis, also takes an interest in philosophy, ethnics, law, politics, humanities, linguistics, sociology, religious and theology, and so on. He also has issued dozens of papers relating to these subjects.