LIANG Zhiping


Liang Zhiping is a famous legal scholar in China and was born in 1959. He received an LLB degree from Southwest College of Political Science and Law in 1982 and an LLM degree from School of Law, Renmin University of China in 1985. After graduation he joined the faculty in Renmin University. In 1993, he left Renmin University and joined as a Professor and Research Fellow the Chinese Art Institute. His main areas of research are Law and Society, Legal Culture, Comparative History of Law. He has worked in many universities as a visiting research fellow including Harvard University, Columbia University, Hong Kong University, and Paris Institute for Advanced Social Science Studies. He has published many books and research papers. He has authored many influential books for Chinese legal academy such as Custom Law of Qing Dynasty: Society and Nation and State, Market and Society: Contemporary Chinese Law and Development. He has also translated many western works. He has some publication in English language including, “A Cultural Interpretation of Law”, “Law and Social Fairness at the Time of Change”, “State and Society: From a Perspective of Chinese Legal History” etc.