LIN Wenyueh


Professor Lin Wenyueh became a visiting scholar at IAHS in late 2012. During that time, she gave numerous lectures, organized workshops, and discussed topics in the humanities that have great value to contemporary society.


Lin Wenyueh is from Taiwan’s Chang Hua County, but was born in Shanghai’s Japanese Concession. As a result her early education was conducted in Japanese. In sixth grade she moved to Taiwan and began her Chinese language education. Because of this complex history she is fluent in both Chinese and Japanese. In 1959 she graduated from the Chinese Department at National Taiwan University with her Ph.D. and immediately began teaching there. After retiring in 1993, she was appointed as Professor Emeritus at National Taiwan University. She has been a visiting professor at the University of Washington, Stanford, Berkeley, and Charles University in Prague. Much of Prof. Lin’s work has involved translating between Chinese and Japanese. During her tenure at National Taiwan University she taught courses on the literature of the Six Dynasties, comparative Japanese and Chinese literature, and modern prose. In addition to her scholarly works she also was a creative writing and translator. Due to her high skill, she won two China Times Literature Awards for Prose, a National Arts and Letters Award for Prose, and an Award for Excellence in Translation.