LV Zhi


Lv Zhi is Deputy Director of Peking University Center for Nature and Society. The center’s research fields include: to set up a base of scientific expertise in nature conservation and sustainable development, China’s conservation policy research, to implement and promote best conservation practice in China, and to carry out conservation leadership training, and to offer conservation education. Her research projects includes: the setup of biodiversity database and policy support system; conservation biology study on endangered species (giant pandas, white-headed langur, Chinese white dolphins, Asiatic black bears, Kiangs, and Chinese desert cats); monitoring mammals using infra-red triggered camera; rapid assessment of biodiversity in hotspot area (RAP), wildlife-human conflicts in Tibet area, and the role of Sacred Lands in biodiversity conservation- the relationship between biodiversity and culture diversity. These projects are distributed in Inner-Mongolia, Qinghai, Tibet, Sichuan, Shaanxi, Yunnan and Guangxi.