Workshop on the Development Direction of WEIB (10/29/12)


At 2 p.m. on October 29, 2012, after the opening ceremony of WEIB, Director Tu Weiming and Professor Schlecht, Chair of the KSG foundation, together held a workshop on the development direction of the institute. Professor Bernd Engler, President of the University of Tübingen; Professor Tang Yijie from the Philosophy Department of Peking University; Professor Yue Daiyun from the Department of Chinese Language of Peking University; Professor Hans Küng from the University of Tübingen; Professor Yuan Ming, Associate Dean of the School of International Relations of Peking University; Professor Claus Dierksmeier, Director of the Global Ethics Institute of Tübingen University; Professor Heinz Dürr from the KSG foundation; Professor Stephan Schlensog from the University of Tübingen; Professor Hans Wolf Sievert, Chairman of the board of SIEVERT; Professor Josef Wieland from Zeppelin University; Professor Guo Shaotang from Hong Kong Baptist University; Professor Ni Peimin from Grand Valley State University; Professor Philip Yeung, Dean of the Institute of Simian Advanced Humanistic Studies from East China Normal University; Professor Li Weisen from Fudan University; Yang Xusheng, Director of the World Religion and the Universal Ethics Center of ISA Peking University and other scholars participated in this workshop and contributed to a rich discussion.


The workshop began with two speeches by the two hosts respectively. Prof. Schlecht talked about his reasons for funding research about global ethics. Prof. Tu Weiming reviewed the inception of WEIB and introduced the discussion about the institute’s development direction. Other professors then expressed their views about global ethics and about the development of mankind. At the next stage, the professors discussed important topics including the theoretical foundation of global ethics, the reflection on the Enlightenment mentality, the significance of global ethics for China, and economic ethics. The workshop lasted for three hours, and the participants took group photos and had dinner together afterwards.