PLAKS, Andrew


Professor Andrew H. Plaks became a visiting scholar at IAHS for three months in early 2013, during which he gave numerous lectures.


Andrew H. Plaks received his Ph.D. East Asian Studies from Princeton University in 1973. He was also Professor of East Asian Studies at Princeton from 1973-2005, and is currently Professor of East Asian Studies at Hebrew University. He has taught, researched, and lectured around the world in countries ranging from Norway to the Romania, the Soviet Union to India, and China, Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan, and Japan. In the 1980′s as mainland China opened to the world, Prof. Plaks was involved with the Committee on Scholarly Communication with the People’s Republic of China that was under the auspices of the National Academy of Sciences. He has been presented with many awards including the 1989 Joseph Levenson Prize for best book on pre-twentieth- century China. While in his early career he received acclaim for his works like The Four Masterworks of the Ming Novel (Ssu ta ch’i-shu) (1987) and Archetype and Allegory in the Dream of the Red Chamber (1976), he is now engaged with translating Chinese works into Hebrew, editing a 50 volume translation series of the Classics of Chinese Thought, studying the Zhongyong, and Chunqiu commentaries, as well as investigating East-West comparative cosmology.