Prof. Karl Schlecht’s Idea on Business Ethics


Prof. Karl Schlecht, Chairman of the Board Karl Schlecht Foundations, suggests that:

  1. To research in excellent guided companies the effect of ethics for customer trust (= repeated orders and partnership)

  2. To qualify researchers and their scientific issues with these humanity based success factors (even…=to engineer is human..)

  3. To transfer these research results in specific WEIB (=Goldethics) – Lectures and qualified teaching in Universities

  4. To find people who can transfer these values into companies who are open minded to learn

  5. Realize that global business it the existing platform where human beings of all religions and different origins live peaceful together based on common Company Values and Philosophy – (see our Putzmeister COPHY and basics characterizing their company culture, same or better good globally acting firms like “General Electric” or AtlasCopco etc.) So WEIB students and researcher can learn practiced “Worldethics” there – much more effective as  from Philosophers – abstract issues which nobody in business understands nor follows in daily life.