Confucian Entrepreneurs and Chinese Business Ethics: Prof. Zhou Shengchun

Business ethics is a special ethical field about ethical dilemmas or problems concerning various business situations, a combine of commercial policy, institution and behavior that judged morally. The concept of “Confucian Business” , which is an integration of “Confucian” and “Business”, plays the core economic role in market economic activities. It originates from the Confucius ethical thoughts of economy that rooted in Chinese traditional culture.

Since the 21st century, the Chinese economy and society is experiencing a new profound change. People are facing economic miracles together with many unprecedented problems, ranging from morality, society, resources and environment, etc.  All these problems require re-examine the question of commercial and economic ethics. Therefore, based on historical and realistic view, this research is significant for the adjusting the commercial relationship on the process of economic development by exploring the connection between Confucian merchants and Chinese commercial ethics.