YANG Huilin


Yang Huilin,  (Ph.D. Renmin University of China), born in Beijing in 1954, is Professor of Comparative Literature and Religious Studies and Vice-President of Renmin University of China. He is also the member of the academic committee of China National Fund for Social Sciences (NFSS), and Vice–President of China Comparative Literature Association (CCLA). He has published over ten books, including Sin and Atonement: Requiring the Spirit of Christianity (1995), Quest for God: Faith vs. Reason (1999), Christian Background and Its Cultural Extension (2001), Theological Hermeneutics: Word of God & Words of Man (2002), Brief Guide to Western Literary Theory: From Ancient Greece to the Present (2003), History of the Literary Criticism from Plato to Nietzsche (co-author, 2007), Fifteen Lectures on Christian Culture (forthcoming). The collection of his papers in English, Christianity in China: the Work of Yang Huilin, was published by M.E. Sharpe Ltd. (New York) in 2004, and his co-edited Sino-Christian Studies in China was published by Cambridge Scholars’ Press in 2006.