Zheng Qiang is Professor of Industry Engineering and Management of College of Engineering, and Director of Center for Pharmaceutical Information and Engineering Research, Peking University. He is also Director of the Master’s Degree Program in International Pharmaceutical Engineering Management, which is a collaboration program between Peking University and the US FDA. He teaches pharmaceutical quality and global health at Peking University. His main research areas are Quantitative characterization of the quality management systems of pharmaceuticals and biologics. Recently, he led a team of 150 people from 50 organizations to draft the guidance for SFDA’s new GMP regulation. Currently, He is developing a mathematical model and database system to measure the quality risks of pharmaceutical manufacturing for the SFDA.

Zheng has studied quantitative modeling of biological and medical systems for over two decades, with over thirty peer-reviewed scientific publications and an international patent. Zheng received his BS, MS and PhD in Physics from Peking University and Academia Sinica in China and Temple University in the US, respectively.