Introduction to the Young Scholar Research Program and the Academic Symposium


Objective: To promote and encourage studies in world ethics, business ethics, and economic ethics.


Participants: Young scholars from universities in Beijing (mainly Peking University, Tsinghua University, People’s University, and Beijing Normal University) including doctoral, postdoctoral students, and young professors.


Form: Young scholars can request applications from and submit the applications along with their research proposals. After examining the applications on a comparative basis, WEIB will fund up to ten research programs. At the completion of the programs, WEIB will host an academic symposium to announce the research results.


Schedule: Application request is accepted from July to October, 2013. By December, results will be announced and programs funded. Examination of research results will be conducted in June, 2014. The academic symposium will be held by October the same year.


Expenses: Advisable budget for each research program is 12,000 RMB; publicity expense, 5,000 RMB; examination fee, 5,000 RMB; staff cost, 10,000 RMB; conference expense, 20,000 RMB. All the expenses add up to no more than 160,000 RMB.