Chen Lai, Dean of the Tsinghua Academy of Chinese Learning, Professor and Doctoral Supervisor in the Tsinghua Department of Philosophy, Deputy Director of the Tsinghua University Academic Council, is a well-known historian. He graduated from Department of Geology in Central South University in 1976. In 1981, Chen obtained a Master’s Degree from the Philosophy Department at Peking University, and became a lecturer there the same year. In 1985, Chen Lai received his Ph.D. under the supervision of senior professors Zhang Dainian and Feng Youlan.


Chen Lai was appointed Associate Professor of Department of Philosophy, Peking University in 1986, and Professor of Philosophy in 1990. He was elected Doctoral Supervisor by the State Council Committee for Academic Degrees in 1993. He was an honored Chinese Ph.D. graduate with Outstanding Contributions by the State Council Academic Degree Committee and the State Education Commission in the year of 1991. Later on, he was awarded the Young and Middle-aged Experts with Outstanding Contributions in 1992 and rated as Trans-century Talent of Ministry of Education. He took as Director of the Confucianism Research Center, the Academic Committee of Philosophy Department, and the Research Center for Chinese Philosophy and Culture, Peking University.