GAN Chunsong


Gan Chunsong, born in 1865, Zhejiang Province, is Vice-Director of the Institute of Philosophy, Doctoral Supervisor and Professor of Philosophy at Renmin University of China. He holds concurrent posts as Secretary-General of Chinese Confucian Academy, Secretary-General of Society for Chinese Modern of History of Philosophy, Vice-Director of Research Center for Humanistic Beijing, Renmin University of China, adjunct researcher in Tsinghua University. Gan is the Associate Editor of Chinese Confucianism, Editorial Board Member of Yuan Dao,and Editorial Adviser of New Vision of Sinology. Gan took as Associate Researcher of National Taiwan University and the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He had also visited and studied at Harvard University and The University of Tokyo.


Gan Chunsong’s major research fields are Confucianism and ideology and culture in modern times. He abstracted his thoughts on the rise of China related to Confucianism as such: The peaceful rise of China means that China is willing to assume more responsibilities for international affairs and needs to seek a new balance between its development and global common interests. This shows that China’s national philosophy is shifting away from the original simplistic nationalism toward the combination of nationalism and cosmopolitanism. Therefore, revisiting the Confucian ideal of benevolent government and exploring the universality of Confucianism is an important part of building new Chinese political philosophy. Under the background of globalization, it is unnecessary by only mechanically copying the statements by Mencius such as “To become the sovereign of the kingdom, a prince need not wait for a large kingdom” and “It requires a wise prince to be able, with a small country, to serve a large one”; but rather, we need to build a new benevolent government based on the overall spirit of Confucianism.