Introduction to the “World Ethics Lectures at PKU”


As part of the talent training and promotion program, WEIB plans to set up the “World Ethics Lectures at PKU.” Every year we will invite 2-3 world-class scholars to lecture at Peking University.

1. Lecture Themes

The themes of “World Ethics Lectures at PKU” center on world ethics, especially economic ethics, and extend to the various fields in humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences. Any content that deepens our spiritual wisdom or ethical concerns qualifies.

2. Lecture Format

The lectures will be held at Peking University, in classrooms that accommodates at least 500 people. The lectures are open to PKU teachers and students; other participants are also welcome. The lectures usually consist of two hours of speech and one hour of discussion. Translation will be provided for non-Chinese lectures.

3. Speaker Treatment

The lectures are funded by WEIB. We will pay for the speaker’s roundtrip airfare, food, and accommodation, as well as considerable lecture fees.

4. Speaker Suggestion

WEIB aspires to present the most profound and inspiring lectures. We welcome suggestions for speakers from academia, industry, media, etc., both home and abroad.


The lecture series is managed by the Institute’s project director Zhu Yanlan. Please contact us at