Prof. Riccard Pozzo Lectures on “Rethinking the History of Philosophy within an Intercultural Framework” (7/12/13)


On July 12, 2013, WEIB, collaborating with the Philosophy Department of Peking University, invited the famous Professor Riccardo Pozzo of the Universita di Verona. Professor Pozzo gave a lecture titled “Rethinking the History of Philosophy within an Intercultural Framework” at the conference room of the Philosophy Department. Prof. Tu Weiming, Director of WEIB, moderated the lecture. The audience primarily consists of philosophy students and teachers.

Professor Riccardo Pozzo is one of the most outstanding Italian philosophers today. His research fields cover the Renaissance, the Enlightenment, Kant, Hegel, and Aristotle. In 2012, he was the Italian delegate of the International Institute of Philosophy (IIP). Professor Pozzo is currently Director of the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, Cultural Heritage of CNR.



During his lecture, Professor Rozzo discussed the necessity of a multicultural perspective for contemporary philosophy and outlined the prospects of philosophical globalization and diversification.


Professor Rozzo also introduced the Library of Congress’ project of digitalizing philosophical texts. The project aims to build a global philosophical database on a multilingual platform, so that every philosophy scholar, student, or amateur can find the indices of any philosopher’s life’s works or the links to texts related to certain philosophical concept in the most convenient way. Since 2005, this team has edited and uploaded numerous collections of works by important figures in the history of philosophy. In the Q&A, Professor Rozzo answered questions regarding the Library of Congress’ National Digital Library Program.