Jul 7th,2013


World Ethics Institute at Peking University (WEIB), affiliated with the the Institute for Advanced Humanistic Studies, is a research, teaching, and public service institute of higher learning. WEIB is committed to critiquing the homo economicus model that emerged from the modern Western Enlightenment and studying its historical origin, contemporary relevance, and future implications. The institute engages with the critical issues shaping the 21st century human experience, including the financial crisis and the disintegration of the international order, explores the political, social, and cultural factors effecting the economy and business of the future global community, and seeks to promote a comprehensive, integrated, and balanced understanding of the global situation among public intellectuals working in the government, mass media, academia, industry, and NGOs in China. Lastly, it works to enhance public rationality in Cultural China, Confucian East Asian, the Asia-Pacific Region, and the world.