Procurement Plan of WEIB Library


The construction of WEIB’s new office space and library is well underway. The Institute is planning to procure 1000 books, in Chinese or other languages. The Institute will establish a Procuring Committee, headed by Professor Tu Weiming, to make a purchase list. Meanwhile, recommendations from scholars and experts are more than welcomed. The following are a few guiding principles for the book procurement:

1. Prioritize books directly related to world ethics.

2. Prioritize books that are not in the Peking University Library.

3. Keep different categories of books in due proportion; do not neglect minority languages.

4. Condition permitting, books purchased for WEIB-sponsored programs should be shelved in WEIB library, for the convenience of researchers and scholars.


Please send your recommendations based on the above principles to WEIB@PKU.EDU.CN. In return, we will provide recommenders with free access to our library. We sincerely look forward to your recommendations and visits to WEIB.