Prof. NI Peimin: Confucia Philosophy of Kungfu

NI Peimin Confucian Philosophy of Kungfu Lecture Series

Confucian Philosophy of Kungfu lecture series will systematically introduce the profound influence of how Confucian classics interpret Confucian philosophy from Song-Ming Neo-Confucianism’s Kungfu perspective, while helping students understand the constructive functions of Confucian philosophy in the contemporary world philosophy.

Time: Every Thursday, 3 p.m. to 5 p.m., from Mar.16 2017

Location: Room 103, Institute for Advanced Humanistic Studies (IAHS) Bldg.4, Lee Shau-kee Humanities, Peking University

Presenter: Professor NI Penmin

Professor Ni is the Executive Vice-Director of IAHS, Researcher at WEIB, a Tenured Professor in Grand Valley State University (U.S.A.), Member of the Experts’ Committee and Senior Advisor of the Dialogue of the Civilizations (DOC). He currently serves as the Editor-in-Chief of the ACPA book series on Chinese and Comparative Philosophy (published through Global Scholarly Publications in New York). Professor Ni earned a Ph.D. in Philosophy at the University of Connecticut in 1991, and holds an M.A. of Philosophy (1982) and a B.A. of Western Modern Philosophy (1985) from Fudan University. He has taught in Trinity College, Montana State University and Grand Valley State University (GVSU). He also served as founding member and director of East Asia Studies Programme at GVSU, visiting professor at the University of Hawaii and the University of Hong Kong, a founder and former president (1997-1999) of the Association of Chinese Philosophers in America (ACPA), former President of the Society of Asian and Comparative Philosophy (SACP), former President of West Michigan Association of Chinese-Americans and Chinese School.For more information on

Topics and Arrangements of the Lectures:

2 hours every week, 16 lectures of this semester.

Time Topics
Lecture 1  Mar.16  Introducing Kung Fu to Philosophy
Lecture 2  Mar. 23  The Interpretation of Kung Fu and Confucianism
Lecture 3 Mar. 30 (I) Ge Wu(Explore and Rectify Thing) and Science: with Example of Traditional Chinese medicine
 (II) Ge Wu and Behaviors: with Example of Causality
Lecture 4  Apr. 6 Noumenon/Kung Fu: A Comparison on the Theory of Human Nature between Rorty and Mencius
Lecture 5  Apr. 13 Does Confucianism need Metaphysics?
Lecture 6  Apr. 20 Ge Wu and Spirituality: The Theory of As-if-ism
Lecture 7  Apr. 27 Plantinga and the Confucianism Spirituality
Lecture 8  May. 4 Confucian’s “Self-cultivation” and Individual Health
Lecture 9  May. 11 Interpreting The Doctrine of the Mean from the Perspective of Kung Fu
Lecture10  May. 18 Human Desires and Kung Fu
Lecture11  May. 25 (I) Confucian Approach to Freedom
(II) Confucian Approach to Dignity
Lecture12  Jun. 1 The Way of Family and the Kung Fu of Family
Lecture13  Jun. 8 (I) Confucianism and Democracy
(II)Rule of Ritual and Rule of Law
Lecture14  Jun. 15 (I) Harmony in Diversity and Dialogue of Civilizations
(II) The Languages for Dialogue and the Rectification of Confucianism
Lecture15  Jul. 6 Artistic Life: The Goal of Confucianism
Lecture16  Jul. 13 World Philosophy under the Kung Fu Perspective



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